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Fran Doll, founder of Superior Staffing, began her career in the employment industry in the 1970’s. She started working as a temporary secretary and literally learned the elements of success from the ground up.

In 1980, Fran opened Superior Staffing, Akron’s first independently-owned employment service. Today, the company’s operation is run by two of Fran’s children, Sheri Witte, CEO and Tom Doll, President.

The company continues to operate under Fran’s original philosophy of ethics in employment, while exceeding the expectations of its customers and employees each day! Since 1980, Superior Staffing has placed more than 50,000 quality employees with companies in Northeast Ohio.

In 2001, Superior Staffing launched two new divisions, Superior Employment Screening and Superior Search Group, to further serve clients in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

We'd like to take this time to thank all our clients, employees and staff for their loyalty and hard work, and we look forward to whatever challenges and accomplishments the future may hold for our next 35 years,... and beyond. Whether it's to our clients or to those looking for employment, our commitment to excellent customer service remains our top priority. How can we help you today?